Hi! I'm Alana, self proclaimed Abstract Artist based in Canberra, Australia. My journey into Art started in 2018 in Melbourne. I needed Art for my own walls and started to play around with acrylic paints. I started to experiment with different mediums and before you know it I had a spare room full of paintings! I was hooked! It was a friend who suggested I try to sell them, so that month I had my first market stall at South Melbourne Market and sold out! 

Since then my Art career has evolved and shaped over the years to be an ever-changing journey. I believe Art can liven up a room, change the mood, and allow people to be inspired. My art is solely intuitive. With every paint stroke and colour palette I will create based on the way I'm feeling on the day and let my intuition guide me through start to finish. 

I want my collectors to have art that is unique and modern, that doesn't conform to any one theme or trend. This reflects in my dynamic style. I am inspired by nature, fashion, interiors and architecture. Most recently I am drawn to floral arrangements and colourful aesthetics. 

When I'm not painting you'll find me scouring the local op shop, looking for a new brunch spot and being a Mum to little Hugo!

I hope you enjoy my website & hopefully become a collector one day! 

Alana x