Self taught artist Alana brings originality to each Abstract painting she creates. With her firm belief that art is about admiration and difference, she wants her collectors to have art thats unique and evokes an emotion. A statement piece that brings fascination and wonder to anyone who enters your home.


Fulfilling her creative talents by following a journey almost unimaginable, Alana has found herself immersed in the world of Modern Art. Keeping up with trends in interiors design, and architecture, Alana likes to draw on intuition whilst capturing an understanding of her clients desires. In her spare time you'll find her scouring the local antique stores for unique finds, spending time with her son Hugo or enjoying a wine with friends. 

Alana Lewis Art started in 2017 in Melbourne. Since Covid in 2020 Alana has returned back to her home town in Palmerston North where she will continue to grow her brand around New Zealand. 


Growing up Alana always had a natural talent for all things creative, a born problem solver with an attitude to see things outside the box.


These attributes have enabled her to build a thriving painting career and drive it towards future success. 


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