Sometimes choosing Artwork can be a hard decision to make and you might require a specific size or colour palette. Commissioning a painting is a wonderful option to have a custom painting made just for you!

Alana can tailor a painting to suit your interior, and decor. Taking into considerations your style and colour palette she can help you come up with a brief to suit the space. You might be a first time buyer or a seasoned Art Collector, either way the process is made very simple for you.

The three most important aspects when designing your own custom painting is size, style and colours. Alana can help you decide on any of these if you are unsure. Alana has commissioned over 70 pieces of Artwork and worked with many different clients ranging from small to large paintings both private and commercial.

The price to commission a painting varies different from the available work you see on the online store. This is due to the brief demand, sourcing custom canvas & materials, lead times and the developing stages and various changes that arise during the process. Incorporated in the price is materials, time, creative energy, transport between suppliers/framers etc.

Below is a price guide for some popular sizes - Please make contact to Alana direct if you are wanting a custom size or a tailored quote. 

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Commission Price List - as of Jan 2020

Prices Jan 2020 PHOTO.jpg